Saturday, June 20, 2009

Self-Introduction, Permablawger Stephanie L. Soondar

My name is Stef and I would like to introduce myself and explain a little about why I started this blawg.

I am aggressively seeking permanent placement in the New York City legal market (me, and every third lawyer in the City). One of the efforts I have undertaken is extensive research and writing. I have collaboratively authored a piece with Allen entitled entitled Litigation and Recoupment of Executive Compensation (forthcoming), and am currently putting the foundation pieces together for a substantial document discussing Shari’ah compliant transactions. Both documents are quite lengthy, footnote-heavy, and require a series of drafts and edits. There are loads of other legal topics I am interested in, however, that would require less time and stoic presentation. Blawging was the next logical step … though my invitation to a faculty law blawg was not. Which describes the circumstances many of my peers also face. And so: why not create a forum where young professionals could distinguish themselves and their ideas professionally? Et voilĂ , Forward Movement was born.

I live in New York City and am admitted to practice in New Jersey and New York. I graduated from Temple University’s Fox School of Business, and separately, Temple's Beasley School of Law and the University of Kent at Brussels. My practice interests include Business Bankruptcy, Finance, as well as Corporations and Securities.

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