Friday, July 31, 2009

In Case You Missed It This Week

  • Did you know you could sue your ex's paramour? VC.

  • Vote for Bloomberg: he gives the homeless airline tickets to go away (not a joke). HuffPo.

  • No highlights in your hair, and smile when you pour the tea; "business etiquette" for new Nomura (Lehman) hires. WSJ via DealMaker.

  • Best meeting times, "managers" vs. "makers" (this makes sense). Freakonomics via Glom.

  • Porn Star, to U.S. Senate Candidate, to Batterer. AP.

  • Jonathan Leibowitz is America's "most trusted" man in news. PrawsBlawg.

  • In light of his presumable New York Governor aspirations, Cuomo may just let that executive compensation bone go. DealBreaker.

(Photo courtesty of Wikimedia Commons).

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