Friday, August 7, 2009

In Case You Missed It This Week

- Feinberg has until August 13th to approve all the juice boxes that go out to TARP recipient employees. WSJ. [UPDATE: Citigroup is actually debating spinning off one of its divisions so it can honor a $100 million compensation contract].

- Twitter can't catch a break: now a patent infringer? Threat Level via ATL.

- So if U.S. garbage creates an "island" of plastic in international waters, whose legal headache is that? BBC via Althouse. (For clarification of the "island," see also).

- Okay - so people are dying of "the" Plague again (or, it's closest brother). AP via Shanghaist.

- "Jesus Christ?!" = 25,000 Euros ($ 35,468.14). ABCNews.

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