Friday, September 4, 2009

*Happy*Labor*Day*Weekend*, and In Case You Missed It This Week

Everyone have a great Holiday Weekend!

  • One bankruptcy client at five years = $100+ million. AmLawDaily.

  • So you want to teach law? TaxProf.

  • Served via email - really? Two New York state courts and two New York district courts. NYLJ (subscription required).

  • "There is no federal law that ensures the humane euthanasia of animals on farms or hatcheries." And so, this is what you get. ABCnews.

  • Very close party to an influential person says, "I think my soul rode on a triangular shaped UFO." Reuters via Wonkette.

Photo credit: (That looks like an engine and toolbox, but is actually a grill. Boys ...).

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