Friday, October 2, 2009

In Case You Missed It This Week

  • Browse-wrap enforced B2B but not B2C. NYLJ (subscription required).

  • So do Big Law House Husbands mind the phrase "beer belly and barefoot?"

  • Brooklyn tax lawyer cannot claim nearly $400,000 in prostitutes and pornography as tax deductible. NYPost via RollOnFriday.

  • Remember the law school contracts case of the photograph of the photograph of Brooke Shields as a kid in the bath? Yeah - coming down from a Tate Gallery wall. Reuters.

  • Jon Gosselin and his clever counsel go to the mat! LATimes.

  • We want rating agencies to be impartial and independent, right Hertz? Corporate Counsel.

  • Goldman Sach's lobbying in D.C. is making an impression: "Like trying to draw conclusions about the frequency of date rape by looking at the number of weddings held." True/Slant via HuffPo.

Photo credit: Hertz.

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