Friday, October 23, 2009

In Case You Missed It This Week

*Happy*Weekend*, Everybody!!

  • Madoff, a child molester, a mafia boss, and a spy sit down for pizza dinner ... HuffPo.

  • Strip search employees to guard the company from insider trading? Dealbreaker.

  • This is why E V E R Y O N E needs a pre-nuptial agreement. People.

  • This is refreshing: data against outsourcing.

Photo credit: Jeff Dean on Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Very interesting NYT piece about the new "untouchables." Fixing the schools should indeed be a higher priority issue than it is at the moment. However, I'm curius whether better schools necessarily correlate with greater innovative/entrepreneural skills. My experience, (for whatever it's worth), is that the greatest of innovators are, in fact, people who are least affected by the quality of their formal education. Take the recent Forbes survey of what makes a billionaire a billionaire, for example - a college degree ain't it. I tend to think that innovative people thrive no matter the cirumstances, and they stand out especially when those armed with traditional tools (like formal education) are otherwise struggling. So, although I think Tom Friedman is dead on in suggesting that it's not Wall Street fakepumping that will secure our long-term future, but rather a solid educational system, I'm having a hard time connecting that point with the article's title and descriptions of the so-called "untouchables", whether in the legal field or elsewhere. The creative geniuses defy their odds and backgrounds, which is precisely why they stand out when those who aren't - are struggling with the times. But it's not the schools that make them. They just is.

    Forbes article: http://www.forbes/com/2009/04/02/billionaire-clusters-harvard-skull-and-bones-goldman-business-billionaires-wealth.html


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