Friday, October 30, 2009

In Case You Missed It This Week

* H A P P Y * H A L L O W E E N * Weekend!

-- "Unspoken contract" was a false proposition from day one. ABA.

-- 2.5% of losses recovered - effective? AmLawDaily.

-- I tend to agree with the commenters and not the GAO: if the credit weren't so easily available, then schools would have to manage their costs better (to avoid an endlessly exploding tuition increase) (author acknowledges the scary side of doing this: risk that ability to enter law is restricted to those with financial means, and not those with merit). ATL.

-- America becoming a nation of cardboard box makers? USNews.

-- Modern religious persecution? HuffPo.

-- Poor rich people. WSJ.

Photo credit: Masterpiece Pumpkins.

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