Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Maloney & Porcelli Fake Receipt Generator, Stoneridge, and Scheme Liability

How does an idea like this get out of a marketing department?
The WSJ reported yesterday that Maloney & Porcelli's steakhouse has created an online receipt generator to expense otherwise unexpensable items. So let's say you spend $150 on a steak lunch (or a mani, pedi, and massage); largely unexpensable, right? But the steakhouse's website allows you to enter the $150 amount and receive a cash receipt that details an expensable item (offices supplies, cab fare, etc.). Seriously - check it out here. There's no charge for a fraudulent receipt: you merely go to the website, enter an amount, and a pdf receipt is generated for you (with aesthetic elements including frayed edges and slight discoloration). If the amount you entered is particularly large, you will receive several fraudulently generated receipts that total your amount.

The restaurant reports that in one week, over 88,000 fake receipts have been downloaded. An ad executive and webmaster interviewed for the article were represented as blase regarding legal culpability. I find that danerously short-sighted, but more honestly was intriqued by the larger context of this sort of PR stunt. (I have been debating a post about last year's Stoneridge decision, the proposed legislation to overturn it and institute scheme liability, and the varying subsequent lower court treatments of the decision. Seeing this article has cemented my intent to write on the matter, although I think I will break it up into several posts. Stay tuned!).
You better check the receipt generator out now >> Maloney & Porcelli has already received several cease-and-desist orders from franchises misrepresented on the fraudulent receipts, and I suspect more are on the way ...
Photo credit: "Maloney & Porcelli Expense Report Generator."

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