Thursday, November 5, 2009

Breaking BofA UPDATE: Unlicensed Counsel

Although it doesn't go to the substance of the various litigation BofA is juggling, it is scandalous nonetheless (and BofA is sort of like Britney Spears now: everything is newsworthy). Corporate Counsel is reporting this morning that in middle of the Merrill acquisition and merger, Brian Moynihan served as an interim General Counsel for BofA for a whole 37 days. The raging gossip: for 8 of those days, Moynihan had an inactive license.

Interestingly, although I received the news this morning via Corporate Counsel and AmLawDaily, neither link is working ... (cease and desist letter?). So you can check out the story in greater detail at The Business Insider, The Boston Globe, or The Telegraph.

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