Friday, February 12, 2010

In Case You Missed It This Week

  • Criminal tax fraud cases against Madoff's kids. WSJ.

  • Ever watch the television show "Snapped"? Hong Kong Court overturns "Milkshake Murder" (American chic is alleged to have doped IBanker husband with a milkshake, and then bludgeoned him to death). AmLawDaily.

  • Stuy Town is middle-class, right? That's the schtick? Well, they just hired some of the most expensive counsel in town. AmLaw Daily.

  • I am late finding this news, but it turns out to be better that way >> the comment string is as entertaining as the issue. Seattle Lawyer sues Sallie Mae over "unrelenting" student loan robocalls. ABAJournal.

Photo credit: NYDaily News.

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