Monday, March 15, 2010

Blawg is on Holiday: Maybe for now, maybe for longer ...

Circle of life - and blawgging? I hate to have the site succumb to a blog statistic, but this blawg will be temporarily suspended. I am not certain now when it will be resumed.

While I cannot write for other Authors who have contributed to the blawg, personally I enjoyed the outlet: it was nice to have a place I could post my thoughts and work on my writing. Professionally, I found value in investigating topics that interested me: collecting information and presenting it in a way that I thought was both interesting and informative. Too, I have met a number of really talented attorneys who have Authored here, and am happy to say they are now in my professional network. I earnestly hope they were able to benefit from their writing here, as well. We're young now, but I'm confident some of these people will be fabulous practitioners as they grow into their profession. I am happy to have met and worked with them, and am grateful for their contribution here.

And I am grateful for the folks who logged-in to watch updated posts and discussion. Hopefully you enjoyed the chatter while it was running.

But blawgs eat up time, and energy, and effort, and patience. As like so many of my legal peers who have recently entered the industry, I am looking for permanent placement. Recent events have persuaded me to focus all of my time and energy on securing this placement. While I find legal research and writing a vital part of practicing law, I feel my writing over the last year sufficiently illustrates my ability and interests. It is vital right now I shift that ability and secure proper employment. While I feel this is the most appropriate decision for me at the moment, it by no means suggests that I will not research and publish again in the future - be it blawgging or traditional paper publications. And so ...

I am closing comments on the blawg as of this post. All Authors' work, however, is accessible via the menu on the right-hand side of your screen. In most instances, contact information for those Authors is also available. Kind thanks for Everyone's time and support. Take care - Sls.

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