Friday, March 5, 2010

In Case You Missed It This Week

"You’re a lawyer? Please don’t kill yourself, the cab gets really messy." ATL.

If you joined BigLaw for a posh 5th Avenue apartment, maybe you'd be interested in how Rush Limbaugh had his done up. Althouse.

I still find it ironic that despite the bulk of my legal friends (having graduated between one and four years ago) are on the hunt for new or more substantive legal work, legal profs are still talking about how to choose a law school. Co-Op.

"A theology student in Croatia has been jailed for 15 months after setting fire to a bush which devastated 500 acres of protected land and caused £30million worth of damage. He told the court he lost his temper after the bush kept pricking him on his way to the faculty." Ananova via RollOnFriday.

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