Saturday, June 20, 2009

Introducing Guest Blawger, Juleen Konkel

One day recently I received in the mail a child’s toy: a proud, one-inch, sterling white unicorn … with a shocked mime pierced on it’s horn. Jules may object to her gift to me being used as an illustration, but I feel the image makes vivid her perseverance and hustle (and her sense of humor). Give Juleen a spool of thread, and the next day she’ll have somehow created a posh bolero. I am happy to announce Juleen Konkel will be guest blawging at Forward Movement for the next four weeks.

Juleen is a graduate of both the California State University at Hayward and the Franklin Pierce Law Center. She currently focuses her practice on Intellectual Property Business Transactions. She has an extensive biochemistry background, and has recently co-authored a journal article entitled Minding the Three P's of E-Discovery (forthcoming in two publications). Juleen lives in San Francisco and is admitted to practice in California.

Welcome! Am pleased you are writing with us in the next month, and am thankful for your investing the time! As a side note, Jules: the unicorn currently sits at my desk and is a hit with my immediate co-workers. Thanks again.

(The Mime is on Holiday, temporarily replaced by the Business Man).

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