Friday, November 6, 2009

In Case You Missed It This Week

This is so enormously late - I am so-o sorry. I walked to work this morning and got caught - literally - in the Yankees' "zoo." Oh, did I say "zoo?" I meant to say "parade."


  • I am stunned >> law apps at the University of Iowa Law School are up 62%. ATL.

  • Rough week for BigLaw: Troutman Sanders and kickbacks; Ropes & Gray and insider trading (former Sullivan & Cromwell associate arrested, too). AmLawDaily, WSJ, ATL, respectively.
  • Marc Dreier, Part II. ATL.
  • State AGs weighing litigating mortgage lenders. NYTimes.

  • Difference between and WSJ.
  • So evidently the FCPA works. CorporateCounsel.
  • Can you imagine, a tax bill for $26,702,341.00! *ha*! Alternatively, here's a link for a wealthy person's tax strategy. NYLJ.

  • "Click to Accept Christ." Do browse-wrap provisions apply, I wonder? HuffPo.
  • Race to the bottom, as promoted by the NYSE's CEO. WSJ.
  • Bloomberg and his "dead end" job. WSJ.

Photo credit: Paul Meyerheim.

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