Sunday, November 8, 2009

News Index: last week and a half of re-regulation and executive compensation

Because I promised (a week ago), but wanted to follow-through: here is a quick index of the various posts I published on the last week or so of re-regulation and executive compensation news. Thanks!

  • Bank of America ("BofA") news here (outside counsel playing fast-and-loose?), here (unlicensed inside counsel), and here (no one wants Lewis' job).
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Agency ("CFPA") made it out of two House Committees and is closer to a House floor vote. Here.
  • Kenneth Feinberg released his first set of rulings on executive compensation proposals. Here.
  • The Financial Stability and Improvement Act of 2009 (otherwise known as legislation for 'too big to fail institutions') was introduced and debated. Here.
  • The Investor Protection Act of 2009 was voted out of House Committee and is on its way to the House floor for a vote. Here.
  • Treasury released new rules on executive compensation, and is soliciting comment letters on its proposal. Here.

Legislation on derivatives also made it out of House Committee, but I would like to postpone a post on that until later this month. Thanks!

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